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What is ‘The PTFA”?   The PTFA is the ‘Parent Teachers and Friends Association’ at Husborne Crawley Lower School. All parents and staff are automatically considered to be members of the PTFA, and we have annually elected representatives (Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Newsletter Editor) who are instrumental in organising fund-raising events for the school. Please contact the school office to be put in touch with one of our elected officers.

What do we do?  The PTFA do a really brilliant job in raising lots of money to support and enhance the children’s education at our school. As well as this it is a chance for parents to meet and get to know each other, and for  families to socialise together.

How is the money spent?      The PTFA fundraising pays for extra resources and  school trips which otherwise would prove prohibitively expensive. Here are a few examples of how school have spent the money raised by the PTFA:

  • School Trips to enhance our learning journeys, including our July 2016 trip to Whipsnade Zoo
  • Outdoor musical chimes
  • Storytelling Chair for our garden
  • Colourful rugs, settees and other classroom resources chosen by teachers
  • ‘Zooniverse’ Rainforest day, Marvellous Middle for our Rainforest journey
  • Upkeep and insurance for Interactive Whiteboards and Projectors
  • Christmas treat for all, the annual pantomime at Milton Keynes Theatre

We are currently fundraising for three new interactive whiteboards for the school, one for each classroom. These we will replace the now rather tired ‘Smartboards’ currently in use.  Do look out for our ‘Pay for a Pixel’ campaign, launched in September 2016. 

What fundraising events are organised?   Children’s Fancy Dress discos are always very well supported and the ‘Film Nights’ are attended by nearly every child in the school; we enjoy pizza, drinks and popcorn, and all the children really enjoy watching a film together. Recently a ‘Bingo Night’ was organised for families, this was very well attended and we had a lot of fun and laughter on the night. Other examples of fundraising include ‘Mufti Days’ when children come to school in their home clothes, also the Mad March Hair Day – the title says it all! Our major fund raising event last year was the Christmas Bazaar, when we raised over £900. The amazing 2016 School Calendar raised approximately £400 and the calendar for 2017 is currently in production.

New fundraising ideas are always welcome. We publish dates of  future PTFA meetings on the school calendar and also in the school newsletter, we are always really pleased to see new faces, do please come along if you can.

The latest sets of PTFA meeting minutes can be seen here:

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The latest PTFA newsletter can be seen here:

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