Safety, and e-safety: Here at Husborne Crawley Lower School we do our utmost to keep your child at safe while at school. Our Safeguarding, e-safety and Medical conditions policies may be viewed by clicking on the links in the ‘Policies’ list below. We operate a strict ‘no mobile phone’ policy, in school. All children are informed about how to keep safe when using the internet  in a way which is appropriate to their age.  We offer the children road safety training and our Year 4 children learn how to safely ride a bike. Annually, PC Richard Denton from Bedfordshire Police runs an information morning for parents on ‘e-safety’, followed up by a presentation in each class to the children. Every year in November we run a ‘Say NO to Bullying’ week, and we follow an initiative called ‘Protective Behaviours’ encouraging the children to think about trusted adults they can ‘tell’ is something is worrying them, if they feel sacred,or if they or another child, are being bullied. We have invited Mrs Sam Davis from ‘Angel Pets’ to talk to the children about keeping safe around dogs, knowing that 77% of bites to children are from a family or friend’s dog.

All staff are aware of, and have read closely section 1 of the document ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ KCSIE_July_2015

Parents can discover more about e-safety and how to keep children safe in a world of new and changing technologies by clicking on this link:

Internet Safety and Bedfordshire Police information about keeping safe

Keeping Safe in Hot Weather – Government advice: Looking after children in a heat wave

Keeping Safe around dogs – Information from Angel Pets: Info for Adults, keeping safe around dogs

Our Equality statement: At Husborne Crawley Lower School we will

Ensure that the curriculum and physical environment of our school is fully accessible by all.

We will achieve this by planning our curriculum carefully so that it allows participation by all pupils, whatever their disability. The school environment will be fully accessible, through the provision and maintenance of  disabled toilet facilities, and ramps or wheelchair accessible slopes to all areas of the school. Provision will be made to ensure that ambulant disabled learners will be taught in ground floor classrooms; classroom provision will be flexible and rooms allocated to groups or classes will be changed when necessary to ensure that ambulant disabled learners are able to fully access the learning.

Click here to read our accessibility plan: Accessibility Action Plan

Promote our spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding through appropriate curricular opportunities with particular reference to equality and diversity.

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