PPG and Sports

PPG – The Pupil Premium Grant was introduced by the government in April 2011 and is a payment given to schools by the government, to support children from families on lower incomes to ensure they have all possible opportunities to make the same progress as  their peers.
Children receive the pupil premium grant or ‘PPG’ if they are eligible for free school meals (year 3 and above), or if the household income is below a certain amount. Further details can be obtained from the school office, on how to apply for the grant.

At Husborne Crawley Lower School we spend our Pupil Premium Grant to support our children, in a range of ways:

  • Small group work or one to one teaching, led by an experienced teacher, in Literacy and in Maths
  • Timetabled opportunities for children to discuss their targets and how they are progressing towards their next steps for learning
  • Small group work or one to one work, with a teaching assistant, to support learning in Phonics and Key Words
  • Resources to support the teaching of intervention programmes, for example the Numicon Maths programme, and Phonics resources including books and games
  • Music lessons  to ensure all our children have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and learn how to read music
  • Educational After-school clubs
  • Breakfast club from 8am

What impact does this have for our Pupil Premium children?


Please click here to see the latest analysis of progress made by disadvantaged children at our school: Husborne-Crawley-Pupil-Premium-Grant-Expenditure1617

Please click here to see the ‘Closing the Gaps’ trend over previous three years: Raise closing the gaps KS1

100% of pupils reached or exceeded the targets set in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Our recent Ofsted report (September 2012) noted that ‘The few pupils who are eligible for the pupil premium make good or better progress in line with their peers.’ An ongoing  focus in our School Development Plan is to ensure that all pupils, including those eligible for Pupil Premium, achieve their very best in writing.

Spending of Pupil Premium in 2013 – 2014: This year we  received just over £6300 which was spent in providing the educational support as detailed above.

Spending of Pupil Premium in 2014 – 2015: This year we  received just over £11, 500 which was spent in providing the educational support as detailed above; in addition to this support we have employed  a fully qualified teacher as ‘Pupil Premium Champion’ to track and assess the progress of this group of children.

Spending of Pupil Premium in 2015 – 2016: This year we have received £12, 087. We continue to employ our ‘Pupil Premium Champion’ and support the children in many ways with their education, including the funding of peripatetic music lessons, school visits,  provision of Breakfast Club and other extra curricular clubs available free of charge. Some families are supported with school uniform purchases and other school necessities.

Spending of Pupil Premium in 2016 – 20167: This year we have received just over £11, 000. We continue to support the children in many ways with their education, including extra support in class where needed, ICT support, individual music tuition, school visits, provision of free Breakfast & Early Birds Club, school uniform, swimming lessons.

Sports Funding:  We have been very well supported by our membership of the Leighton and Linslade School Sports partnership (SSP). We have sent two members of staff on 36 % of the courses available to us, and we have  received curriculum support in the following areas from PE Specialists within the SSP: Meeting and planning time with PE Coordinator, Golf CPD , Tennis CPD and Multi Skills Classroom support. Before the end of academic year the school has the opportunity to receive support on  Lesson Observations, and Athletics.

Impact to Date from Sport Premium Membership: 16 Pupils have the opportunity to attend the Change 4 Life Coaching Club.  The school will has a session of Bikeability training with 13 pupils gaining road safety awareness and cycling development skills.  The school will have 13 trained Year 4 School Sports Leaders who will have developed the confidence and skills to assist in developing PE and School Sport within the School, including  running an intra-schools sports competition (October 2015).

The school will have 2 Young Bronze Sports Ambassadors, who will be  trained to help the school develop PE and School Sport from a Pupils Voice; these children will lead an assembly and aid in the running of the weekly Marathon Club. 

The School will attend Level 2 School Games events : Three events at Key Stage 1 and Five events at Key Stage 2.

The School in partnership with the SSP has delivered  a Level 1 event engaging participation for  50 pupils within the school

The School has engaged links with Middle School Young Leaders for the delivery of Key Stage 2 Level 1 competitions




2015 – 2016     SCHOOL SPORTS AWARD  – GOLD 

To see a breakdown of our Pupil Premium Grant expenditure and Sports Funding expenditure please click this link:

2016/2017 PPG and Sports funding 2016-2017

2015/2016 PPG and Sports funding 2015-2016

2014/2015 PPG and Sports funding 2014-2015

2013/2014 Pupil Premium – Sports Funding

To read our impact report on the sports funding over 2015 – 2016 please click here: Husborne Crawley Sports Impact Report 2015-16

To read our impact report on the sports funding over 2014 – 2015 please click here: HCLS Sports impact report 2014 – 2015

To read our impact report on the sports funding over 2013- 2014 please click here: Sports impact report 13-14






  1. #1 by Mrs Isaacs on November 20, 2016 - 7:56 am

    Athletics competittion November 2016: Very well done to our Athletics team who all put in maximum effort and supported each other throughout a tough afternoon of competition. We did particularly well in the long jump and relay races, managing an impressive 5th place out of the 18 schools attending. A massive achievement for our little school! Well done team. Mrs Isaacs