Year 1 Home Learning

Class 1     Year 1                                                                Week beginning 6th July 2020

Here is Class 1’s learning log page

Each day you will do a phonics session using the ReadWriteInc scheme. It is useful to practice the sounds daily to help with your spellings. Videos are available from 10am.

Use the Spelling Shed for your spelling practice.

The English lesson will involve different activities and sometimes watching a video. There are activities for all levels. Do as many as you can manage.

Maths we would now like you to follow BBC bitesize instead of White Rose Hub.  Remember to continue playing Numbots too

Our topic this term is Around the World in 80 Days where you will find out facts about different countries of the world.

MondayEnglishAction words
 MathsFind ½ of objects
 TopicIntroduction to Europe – France
TuesdayEnglishDescribing words
 MathsFind ½ of amounts
 TopicContinue learning about France
WednesdayEnglishTBC (sorry)
 MathsFinding ¼ of objects
 ScienceThe seasons
ThursdayEnglishTBC (sorry)
 MathsFinding ¼ of amounts
 Arts WeekArtists and art
FridayEnglishTBC (sorry)
 Maths Friday maths challenge
 Arts WeekSinging and well-being
 MathsCounting to 100
 RE/HistoryInfluential people : Stephen Hawking
TuesdayEnglishCounting poems
 MathsRecognising coins
 TopicBarnaby Bear goes to Ireland. Look at the power point. Watch The Story of the Leprechaun  Now you can paint a rainbow. Be inventive, perhaps you could print one using just your finger tips or maybe use a carrot or a different vegetable. It would be nice to share your work with the class.
WednesdayEnglishCurly caterpillar letters and exclamation marks
 MathsRecognising notes
ThursdayEnglishAlphabetical order
 MathsCounting money
 GermanNumbers, Food and Drink
 FridayEnglishReading lesson: George’s Marvellous Medicine
 MathsChallenge of the week
 D and TSources of energy
 MathsEqual groups: Arrays
 RE/HistoryContinuing to study influential people : Florence Nightingale
TuesdayEnglishUsing the days of the week in sentences
 MathsEqual groups: Doubles
 TopicIntroduction to Antarctica
WednesdayEnglishUsing long ladder letters in writing
 ScienceParts of the body and senses
ThursdayEnglishUsing describing words in adverts
 ComputingUsing the web safely
 FridayEnglishReading lesson: Spike: The Hedgehog Who Lost His Prickles
 MathsChallenge of the week
 DTRepeat pattern making
MondayEnglish Using phonics to develop vocabulary about exploring
 MathsAdd by making 10
 ScienceAnimal groups
TuesdayEnglishUsing the word ‘and’ to join sentences when describing
 MathsSubtract within 20
 TopicIntroduction to Asia
WednesdayEnglishWriting what I can see in the desert
 MathsAdd  and subtract worded problems
 REJewish people follow the religion of Judaism. Every Friday evening they celebrate the ritual of Shabbat. Look at the power point and then complete as many activities as you can from the worksheet.
ThursdayEnglishUsing exclamation marks
 MathsCompare number sentences
 DTSimple Designs
FridayEnglishReading lesson: Cake by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet                                  
 Maths Friday Maths Challenge
 ArtDrawing and Painting
MondayEnglish Using capital letters and full stops
 MathsMeasure mass
TuesdayEnglishWriting commands
 MathsCompare volume and capacity
 TopicIntroduction to South America – Rio De Janeiro
WednesdayEnglishWhat are suffixes
 MathsCompare volume and capacity
 TopicLook at the ‘holidays’ power point. Complete activities 1 and 2 if you can
ThursdayEnglishUsing exclamations when writing
 MathsSolving problems involving mass and capacity
 FrenchGreetings and numbers
FridayEnglishForming letters correctly and using the suffix ‘ly’
 MathsChallenge of the week

Lets go on holiday

MondayEnglish Using phonics to develop vocabulary a new book
 MathsCompare length and height
 TopicAn introduction to the 7 seven continents, and then looking at Oceania. Find out about The Great Barrier Reef. Make a fact file about your favourite creatures that can be found there
TuesdayEnglishUsing full stops, capital letters and joining words when writing
 MathsMeasure length and height
 TopicIntroduction to Oceania
WednesdayEnglishForming letters accurately to create a poster
 MathsSolve problems involving length and height
 REThe Good Samaritan Look at the story of The Good Samaritan. Use the good neighbour recipe to think about what values you think good neighbours should have. Look at the example and then create your own
ThursdayEnglishWrite the days of the week in order
 MathsCompare mass
 MusicFound Sounds
FridayEnglishReading lesson: Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies by Pamela Butchart                                    
 Maths Friday Maths Challenge
 ComputingHow programming and games work
MondayEnglish Practicing phonics skills and developing vocabulary about the UK
 MathsPart-whole relationships number bonds
 ScienceBasic parts of a plant
TuesdayEnglishUsing capital letters and full stops when writing postcards
 MathsFact families – linking addition and subtraction (1)
 TopicIntroduction to Africa  – BBC Bitesize lesson
WednesdayEnglishForming long ladder letters
 MathsAdd together and find a part
 REAt this time Muslims all over the world are living by the rules of Ramadan. Look at the power point to find out why. The month of Ramadan power point. Perhaps you can make a paper lantern or a moon and star decoration as Muslim children will be doing.
ThursdayEnglishReading lesson: Cyril and Pat by Emily Gravett
 MathsAdd more and count on within 20
 ComputingWhat is a code?
FridayEnglish                                      BANK HOLIDAY

Do your PE lessons when you are feeling energetic.