In Class 2, we travelled back in time to WWII. We became evacuees and took part in different war time activities at Holdenby House!

We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day and sharing our favourite stories with each other!

We even had a visit from the artist Paul Berryman who inspired us to have a go at drawing book illustrations!

Class 2 visited the Roman Verulamium Museum in St Albans. We had a great time and saw lots of things that we’ve heard about in our ‘Romans’ topic this term.

We walked to the Roman Theatre and enjoyed exploring the ruins.

… and it was extremely windy!

We saw lots of amazing mosaics and we examined the Hypocaust.

We enjoyed a ‘Roman Market’ workshop.

We tried on tunics and explored everyday Roman items.

We spotted lots of interesting items in the museum!

We walked to the Roman Verulamium town wall.

We delivered harvest boxes to the local residents of Husborne Crawley.

We had a taster session with the British Judo team!