Class 2

Please click directly onto the ‘Curriculum’ tab (above the drop down menu) for more detailed information about the learning in our school, and the teaching of the National Curriculum 2014.

Mrs Aaron and Mrs Willans are the teachers in Class Two. The teaching assistant is Mr Stynes. Mrs Nelson and Year 4 Librarians will run our library sessions for us.

We have sent these useful leaflets home to help the children prepare for the new academic year 2016 – 2017:

Moving into Year 3          Moving into Year 4


Class 2. Our Learning Journey  for SUMMER TERM 2017  is  ‘WE’LL MEET AGAIN !’  A WWII Journey

Year 3 and 4 will be travelling back in time to find out what it was like to be a child during World War two in Britain

In Maths we will discover more about  addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, geometry and shape , ensuring we continue to cover the rigorous requirements of the National Curriculum 2014.  We will be deepening our understanding of Maths through lots of practical activities, recording our discoveries in our Maths diaries, learning our times tables and using computer programs to help us embed our new knowledge. Children will be encouraged to learn their times tables up to 12 x 12 so that by the end of Year 4 they can confidently recall these facts.

Swimming – will continue for summer term 2017

Weekly outdoor PE and indoor gymnastics will take place this term, with lessons taking place on Mondays and Fridays.

PE kit – please make sure your child has both an indoor PE kit (t-shirt, shorts, socks, plimsolls that fit!) and outdoor PE kit (trainers and tracksuit) in school every day. We aim to fit in as much PE as possible, and may go outside at times other than those on the timetable. Kit must be named! Spare shorts and plimsolls to add to our class collection would be gratefully received.Outdoor kit, old trainers, and a warm fleece and jogging bottoms are recommended for our outside lessons.

Homework: the ‘Learning Log’ book will be sent home on Mondays, to be handed in on Friday. Literacy and other homework will be included in this book. Maths will be sent home in a separate book, also on Mondays to be handed in on Friday. Please encourage your child to be as creative as they like in the Log. Also, let us know straight away if there are any difficulties; please don’t let your child struggle for ages with something they can’t yet do.

Water: Please remind your child to bring their water bottle to school every day, filled with cool fresh water for them to drink freely throughout the day. We encourage the children to drink whenever they feel thirsty and their water bottle may be kept  where they are working as long as it has an ‘unspillable’ drinking spout. ‘Husborne Crawley’ water bottles are now available on our Uniform website.

Book Bag:please use your Husborne Crawley book bag to transport your books, letters and equipment! Children may keep a small, named pencil case in school if they wish. This must be small enough to fit comfortably in their tray.

Homework Diary – this will be written by the children, at the beginning of each week. Other information will also be added to the diary during the week so the diary needs to be in the book bag every day, please. Do read the diary, and sign it each week, in the space provided. Messages can also be sent to us in the diary; please ask your child to tell us you’ve written us a note!

Reading Information - Please hear your child read every day and sign the reading record. Even if your child is a really competent reader they will benefit so much from reading to you, having stories read to them, and seeing their parents and other adults reading too. We will hear your child read as often as possible, although this may not be every day. Once a week your child will read in a small group with an adult (we call this ‘guided reading’.)  Class 2 readers are expected to take responsibility for changing their reading books when they have completed them, and writing their own comments about what they’ve read, alongside the parents’ comments, in their record.

Library Books – please bring to school on Thursday morning when your child will have allocated library time. Mrs Nelson will be running the library alongside her Year 4 library monitors. Please talk to Mrs Nelson about the book you’ve read, and win a sticker for your library chart!

Spellings and Phonics– our new spelling words will be set and the previous week’s words tested on a WEDNESDAY.  Your child will bring home a spelling book which needs to be covered in birthday wrapping paper or similar (preferably recycled!) to prolong its life. This book must be in school on WEDNESDAYS! Please remind your child to learn their spellings each day.

Times tables - Every child in Class 2 will be set a times tables target, which they should be able to share with you. Please encourage your child to practise this times table as often as possible. The children are tested regularly. Singing, chanting, writing out are different ways of learning to try…how about a times table CD in the car for everyone to sing along to? We are aiming for all the children to know their times tables off by heart, up to 12 x 12, by the time they complete Year 4.

Targets- Achievement of targets will be assessed, and the children will be set new targets for Literacy and for Maths during the first half of Autumn  Term. This will be during an individual interview with their teacher. Please take the time to talk to your child about their targets, and how they are working towards achieving them.

Help - If you would like to help in school, either by helping to hear children read, helping with displays or other general jobs, or if you are able to accompany us on sports fixtures, or to swimming lessons, please let Mrs Aaron or Mrs Isaacs know. All helpers will need to have a Disclosure and Barring check, this can be arranged through Mrs Bland in the school office.

Any Concerns? If you need to inform us about appointments, changes in circumstances, or if you are concerned about your child at any time, please  do talk to us as soon as possible. We are usually available at the end of each school day if a longer chat is needed, and one of us will be in the playground at 8:45am each morning.

Things to remember

Every Day:

  • Reading book and record
  • PE Kit – indoor and outdoor
  • Homework Diary
  • Water bottle with fresh water
  • Reading every day at home
  • Spelling and times tables

Monday: Learning Log and Maths homework home . PE kit. Signed Homework Diary

Tuesday: Swimming kit (in Spring and Summer terms only)

Wednesday: Guided Reading, Spelling Book required

Thursday: Library book.

Friday: Learning Log and Maths handed in please.

Weekend: have lots of fun!