Class 1

Mrs Willans and Mrs O’Connell are the teachers in Class One, teaching Year 1 and 2. They are supported by Mrs Nelson

Our Learning Journey:         Summer Term 2020 80 days around the world

In ICT we will be continuing with our coding work.  Our R.E. lessons this term will be taught by Mrs O’Connell

Every day we have two short sessions when we learn our phonics and our tricky words, one session when we come into school at 9am and one just after lunch.

Any items you have which may support our learning journeys would be much appreciated, but please name any items before bringing them to school.

Reading books – each day your child will bring home a school reading book. Please  make a ten minute slot every day to hear your child read; remember to write in their yellow record book. If your child sometimes reads books other than school books please jot these down in the record book as well as we love to know about this extra reading.

Homework – The Learning Log will be sent home  each week. Please help your child to complete the task set in their log, however don’t hesitate to speak to one of the Class teachers if there are any queries or problems. There will also be a list of spellings to learn each week; as well as daily reading.

Spellings –each Wednesday your child will bring home a list of spellings to be learnt in preparation for a spelling test the following Wednesday.

P.E kit – Please make sure your child has both a named indoor P.E kit (T-shirt, shorts, socks and plimsolls) and an outdoor P.E kit (socks, trainers, warm top and jogging bottoms) in school every day as we will try to get outdoors and do P.E as often as possible.

Uniform – Please ensure all your child’s uniform including P.E kit, coat and shoes are clearly named so any mislaid clothes can be returned easily.

Show and Tell assemblies – each Thursday some children from Class 1 will be chosen to bring in an item of interest e.g. a picture or leaflet of a place they have visited, a favourite book or perhaps a special item to talk and answer questions about. Your child will receive a letter if it is their turn. (Please don’t bring toys)

ANY CONCERNS? If you need to inform us about appointments, changes in circumstances, or if you are concerned about your child at any time, please do arrange to talk to us (Mrs Willans or Mrs O’Connell) as soon as possible. Mrs Willans will be available at the end of each school day and Mrs O’ Connell or Mrs Willans or Mrs Nelson will normally be out on the playground at 8.50 each morning.

Things to Remember:

Monday: Reading book, P.E kit

Tuesday: Reading book

Wednesday: Reading book,   Spelling folder, completed Learning Log due in school,

Thursday: Reading book,  Learning Log sent home today with new homework

Friday: Reading book