Friday 27th March

Achievement Assembly

After a few tricky starts and technical issues that are now sorted (Thank you Mr Willans) I think we might be getting there – Click on the link for this morning’s Assembly!

Daily Drawing Challenge – Day 5

Your House

Good Morning, thank you for all of your drawing challenge pictures yesterday – we were very impressed. Thank you to those HCLS families that joined in the clap for the NHS too!

Thursday 26th March

We are hoping that lots of you will be joining in with the ‘clap for our carers’ at 8pm tonight. We would love to see photos – that we can share on our blog – or maybe email video clips to Newsround –

We have been very impressed with your creativity today – The staff at HCLS have been getting creative – yet another amazing talent that the staff have! Keep them coming!

Miss Bromley’s Japanese Fighting fish
Mrs B – A School of Fish!
The Nice Mrs Willans and her amazing sewing skills!
Mrs Campbell’s Koi Carp

More fish have arrived!

Here is another Favourite Fish – Day 4 of the 25 Day Drawing Challenge!
What a fabulous, colourful fish!

Wednesday 25th March

Mr Dunstan has sent us his sporting picture too!

We received another drawing challenge picture – Day 3: Your favourite sport. A very awesome drawing!

Good Morning Class Two! Mrs Todhunter here… Just to let you all know your Spelling Shed assignments for this week are now live and I am looking forward to seeing how you all get on with your new spelling lists! Check the BLOG on Friday for the UnBElievable Avatar of the week!

Thank you to Mrs B – her favourite sport is snorkelling!

Another brilliant artist too!

Mrs Willans

Tuesday 24th March


We’ve received our first drawing challenge picture and we are very impressed! What a brilliant bunny!

Good morning! The Willans family have had a go at today’s drawing in Miss Bromley’s 25 day drawing challenge. These are our pictures…

Day 2 – Willans family favourite animals

Can you guess which is my favourite animal?

An extra 5 dojos for the correct name!

Send us your pictures at

We will see if we can put them online for you!

Mrs Willans

Guess who else tried Day 1 of the drawing challenge! Can you guess who this lovable bear is?

Monday 23rd March Continued…

Good Afternoon! We hope lots of you have been busy working on some of the tasks we have set for you. You’ll be happy to hear that some of the teachers joined in with the ‘P.E. with Joe’ (link below) this morning, hopefully some of you did too!

Why don’t you try this 25 day drawing challenge as well!
Which teacher do you think had a go at the challenge?
Here’s Mrs Davies’ tried and trusted, playdough recipe.

Monday 23rd March

Good Morning! It’s a bit frosty out there this morning.

If you can why not try

Sunday 22nd March

Good Afternoon, hope you are all looking after your mummies on Mother’s Day today. We look forward to updating the blog tomorrow.

Friday 20th March

Hello! I thought I’d make a start to our new blog. It’s been a very busy week so I think an early night is needed! I look forward to all of the updates from the totally amazing staff that have made me feel very grateful to work at such a brilliant school.

Goodnight all!

Mrs Willans